I have more books than shelf-space, and can’t seem to go to the library without checking out more books than I’m returning.


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  1. Danya Avatar

    Dear Heather

    Hello. I’m writing to you about the comment you posted on Brian Ferry’s blog recently – about Jane Brocket. I know that you addressed your comment to BF, but I followed the link and found the resulting info interesting and useful too, so I just wanted to thank you for that.

    I’m fairly new to blogging, and am on the lookout for literary-type blogs among the vast array of blogs out there, so your link was a pleasant find for me, as is your blog itself and your links to other book blogs, both of which I’m looking forward to exploring.

    Good wishes

  2. Heather Avatar

    Danya, thanks for the friendly words!

  3. Vishy Avatar

    Hi Heather,

    I am new to your blog and it looks wonderful! I am hoping to explore more and comment on some of your past posts.

    With best wishes,

  4. Heather Avatar

    Vishy, thanks, and hello! I look forward to checking out your blog in return 🙂

  5. Lars Iyer Avatar

    Dear Letters and Sodas,

    Thanks for the review of Spurious you posted a while back – greatly appreciated. It actually led one of the commentators to post her own review, really getting the word out. It’s really hard generating interest in a debut novel like Spurious …

    I have a favour to ask. I wonder whether you wouldn’t mind voting for Spurious for this years Not The Booker Awards. Voting takes the form of a 150 text saying why you think the book should win.


    With best wishes,

  6. Heather Avatar

    Lars, thanks for the comment; I’ll go check out the Not the Booker nominees list now.

  7. Lars Iyer Avatar

    Dear Heather,

    I have a favour to ask. With your help, Spurious made the Guardian Not the Booker shortlist, which is great news, and now the voting has now begun to decide the overall winner. Voting is restricted to those people who have already written a review of the book.

    As one of those people, I wondered whether you might ‘convert’ your review into a vote. The process is straightforward enough.

    1. Go to the following page, and log in:


    2. Scroll down to the comments. Write ‘I vote for Spurious’ in the comment box, pasting in the following link (it’s the link to your review):


    And that’s a vote!

    The deadline for the Not the Booker Prize is Monday at midnight.

    I hope this is not too much trouble but the publicity for Spurious is invaluable.

    With best wishes,

  8. Heather Avatar

    Lars, drat, I just missed the deadline, forgetting that of course midnight = London midnight not New York midnight. You’d think that working for a company whose headquarters are in England, I’d have the time difference internalized by now, but apparently not.

    Best of luck to you and Spurious, though!

  9. Janis Avatar

    I am looking for your review of “There But For The” and thought it would be somewhere on your blog. Is it here and I am just in the wrong place? I finished it today and want to talk about it or read some reviews. I thought I would start with yours!

    1. Heather Avatar

      It’s here. Did you end up liking the book?

  10. Janis Avatar

    Yes I did like it and find I want to re-read it again now that I know how it ends.. and want to enjoy the words, the people, and their quirkiness again. Brooke, the child is a wonderful narrator and enjoyable. I like her mind and the way her thoughts stray, the way she plays verbal jokes and strives to write the history of Miles story. It hurts to think that her teachers don’t appreciate her enough. Maybe I am thinking about Miriam and wondering what is really in her mind now and will be when she gets a bit older. I like the freedom Brooke has.. wandering around her neighborhood without checking in all the time with her parents. She is trusted and has freedom to think, explore, and discover. This is unusual in todays world! I had a bit of trouble understanding May’s story for a while, but finally got it. Perhaps because I was listening, not looking at the printed word, my reactions are different than if I had a real book in my hands. But I loved the Scottish accents and the childish voice of Brooke in it’s innocence and youth. Thanks for verifying my selection as being worthy of my time.

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